Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Believe...

There are a great many things I care deeply about.  To some it is offensive to be outspoken about politics, morality, spirituality...  To me it is offensive to know how important something is for people to know and not say it, loud and clear, without fear or shame.  

I think thoughts that are too complex to condense down into a tweet.  I give my facebook friends whiplash, posting about this thing over here and then immediately after, that thing over there at the other end of the spectrum.  Perhaps here I can spend a bit more time sorting out my thoughts into one subject or another, one at a time, probably not one right after the other.

I believe that while there may be many ways to be right on some issues, some things are always wrong, no matter what.  

I believe that when people are given better information they will frequently make better decisions in their lives.  For me not to share that better information when I have it, is denying others the chance to choose more wisely.  Shame on me if I know the truth and withhold it from you!

I believe in always being kind, even if that kindness means speaking the truth that people may not want to hear or act on, but that which will change their lives forever for the good if they hear it and accept it.

I believe political correctness is an ugly practice that is designed to shut down free speech by shaming the intelligent into not saying what needs to be said.

I believe America is the greatest country on earth and though it is flawed and off track at present moment, it can be turned around and returned to greatness.

I believe there is only one way to spend eternity in heaven with God, and that is by receiving the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us when he died on the cross and rose again.  I believe that what leads men to this relationship is not a fear of hell, but a deep need to know that life really matters.  All roads do not lead to God.  All religions do not reflect the same truth.  Believing a thing with all of one's heart does not make it so.

I believe this country's founding fathers had the right idea and that every step we take away from their vision, put forth in the Constitution and their early writings, is a step toward this country's decline and eventual destruction.

I believe in free speech, even when I disagree with what you are saying.

On a totally unrelated note, I believe that high heels are retarded and painful (not that I'll judge YOU if you wear them), and that coffee smells horrible.  I believe dogs are superior pets to cats.  I believe real books beat digital editions every time.  I believe lots of things that I can never say because it will make people I care about feel bad, feel judged, or think I'm just off my rocker.

Welcome to the new home of all my off the wall comments, all the things that total up to make me who I am.  Trust me, there's no one else out there like me, but then again, that's ok because there's no one else out there like you either.  Where our similarities overlap, we can happily agree and where they don't we can choose to disagree.

Wanna be friends?!

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